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NEW DATES for 2024/2025


Presenting “The Best Beginning”: Exploring the Acclaimed Book and Concept

We are proud to announce that we will be presenting a new concept in the educational program, The Best Beginning, for the first time in English, to meet international demand.

Following a successful, similar education in Sweden and Norway, based on the same book called “Bäste Starten”. The new education uses the same content and will be offered to you near Aarhus in Denmark.

This is an exceptional opportunity to take part in an intensive seven day training experience. Our goal is to help you become a dog owner, whose best friend and training-partner eagerly seeks training, focuses solely on you, and shows dedication and engagement during training.
Such is the essence of “The Best Beginning”. Mastering dog sports exercises becomes effortless once the foundations are firmly established. Through this course, you will acquire the necessary skills to build solid and stable foundations applicable to all dog sports.
Refine your training skills in aspects such as check-ins, the engagement ladder, focus exercises, fostering other activities, that helps you achieve better results in your own training or teachings.

A significant part of the curriculum revolves around creating an optimal environment for dogs in competitive activities. Furthermore, you will obtain the knowledge required to effectively teach these exercises and concepts to your own students.

This course, “The Best Beginning”, consists of two modules, each spanning three and a half days, allowing time for practice between the two. By the end of this course, you will possess an extensive toolbox, that will elevate your training abilities and propel you and your students to new heights.
Most importantly, we will demonstrate how fun, enjoyable and effortless training can be.

The course will be presented to you by two renowned instructors: Nina Krüger, creator of the “High Intensity Performance Education” (HIPE) and an experienced trainer, teacher and handler for many years, and Maria Brandel, a well-renowed teacher at No Limit Obedience, and skilled competitor in various dog sports. Notably, Maria Brandel is a two time silver medal winner of The World Championships in obedience, lastly in 2023.

If you want the best possible start with your dog, or obtain better training skills yourself, do not miss out on this opportunity! Take part in a journey that will transform your training techniques and strategies. Join us for a fun and educational experience, that will empower you and your dog to reach new levels of success.


A maximum of 14 people can take part in this course. If you wish to attend, please send us an email with info about you and your dog to: or
Please be advised, your spot on the course will only be secured once payment has been received in full.

Participants are in charge of own accommodation and meals during their stay, and we will be happy to provide info on local dogfriendly accommodation ect.

Dates for the course:
Thursday-Sunday the 14-17. November 2024
Thursday-Sunday the 20-23. February 2025

Price for both modules is 2300 € pr. participant
We look forward to hearing from you
Early Bird price in January and Februar 2024 price 1900 €

Best regards
Maria Brandel & Nina Krüger

If you wish to participate, send us a mail at

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